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Motul 4T RUN 20W40 - 1 Ltr

Motul 4T RUN 20W40 - 1 Ltr
Motul 4T RUN 20W40 - 1 Ltr


  • Effective cold start leading to reduced wear of engine parts.
  • Fitted with 4 stroke Gearless Scooters with Auto Transmission (AT) engines.
  • Fuel Economy is Low.
  • Best Price in LRM

Vehicle compatability:

  • All 4 Strokes Bikes
  • Reinforced anti-wear ability extends engine life
  • Excellent operation at high temperature conditions
  • Very good thermal resistance and stability.

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  • Model: Motul 4T RUN 20W40 - 1 Ltr
  • Weight: 1.00ltr
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