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Brand: CASTROL Model: CASTROL 10W30 4T - 1LTR
Ex Tax:৳605.00
Brand: CASTROL Model: Castrol Active 20W40 , 4T - 1 Ltr
Helps to keep engines clean for smoother operation.High quality lubricant detergent particles will help to increase engines durability.Good wear and corrosion protection.Friction control will be optimized.Met the API SG and JASO MA2 specifications.Broad viscosity range.Helps to get easy gear shiftin..
Ex Tax:৳605.00
Brand: CASTROL Model: Castrol CRB TURBOMAX 20W50 CH 4 - 5 Ltr
Castrol CRB Turbomax 20W-50 CI-4 is an advanced heavy duty diesel engine oil suitable for use in high speed 4-stroke diesel engines that use a broad range of fuel qualities and is compatible with diesel engines fitted with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems...
Ex Tax:৳2,700.00
Brand: CASTROL Model: Castrol CRB TURBOMAX CH 4 , 20W50 - 15 Ltr
Castrol CRB TURBOMAX CH 4 , 20W50 - 15 Ltr  which helps to prevent the agglomeration of soot under severe operating conditions, protecting surfaces from wear. It also provides a protective layer on the moving metal surfaces which resists break down, even under difficult conditions . Castro..
Ex Tax:৳7,850.00
Brand: CASTROL Model: Castrol Power 1 Racing ,10W40 , 4T - 1 Ltr
Castrol Power 1 Racing , Full SYNTHETIC TECHNOLOGY , 10W40 , 4T - 1 LtrProvides ultimate performance and racingFully synthetic oil with race derived technologyMinimizes friction..
Ex Tax:৳1,000.00
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