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Model: TVS Brake Oil DOT 4 - 500 ML
TVS Brake Oil DOT 4 - 500 ML..
Ex Tax:৳255.00
Model: Wagner Lockheed Brake Fluid 21 - 500 ML
Wagner Lockheed Brake Fluid 21 - 500 MLWagner Lockheed Brake Fluid 21, the no#1 Brake Fluid in KSA is a specially compounded preparation designed expressly for use in hydraulic brake systems. Wagner Lockheed brake fluid mixes with all fluids of other colors and approved by car manufacturers.About th..
Ex Tax:৳167.00
Model: WELL RUN Heavy Duty Brake & Clutch Fluid DOT-3 - 500 ML
WELL RUN HEAVY DUTY BRAKE & CLUTCH FLUID SAE J1703 (70s) AND USA FMVSS NO 116/DOT 3 SPECS- 500 MLWELL RUN Brake & Clutch FluidBrake and Clutch Fluid DOT 3 is a high quality, non-petroleum automotive brake fluid designed for use in conventional hydraulic brake and clutch systems under normal ..
Ex Tax:৳139.00
Model: Yamalube Scooter Oil - 100 ML
Yamalube Scooter Oil - 100 MLOPTIMUM Performance for Scooters only...
Ex Tax:৳110.00
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